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Welcome to Babs world of cuckoldry

Welcome to the world of Babs a cuckquean that produces amateur cuckold porn and with cuckboy (her weak sub husband) that really makes other husbands look weak, humble whimps the way she treats this submissive male

Babs Videos Productions knows with her streaming videos exactly how far to push her sub husband and the question of whether he has a choice of obeying her is never an issue, but what does come into question is just how far they push the boundaries of cuckold sex and it slips into fetish / BDSM porn

Many cuckolds are not fans of Babs Videos Productions as it does fit within a niche market of hardcore amateur porn but what is does offer is what I class as realty based porn that does have the feel and content of you own homemade cuckold videos if that includes seeing your wife getting fucked by black guys & some pretty full on extreme cuckolding, and slut training

So whilst its true to say Babs Videos won't please every cuckold couple due to its extreme take what is does offer is an insight into amateur cuckoldry that anyone thats considering this lifestyle should check out

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Review - Cuckold Fag Boyz VOD

  • Running Time: 44 minutes
  • Released: 10/2009
  • Studio: Babs Video Production 
  • Categories: Submales, cock-sucking males, cuckoldry
  • Stars: Babs, cuckboy
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

This video is over one scene but what a great scene it is of submale cuckolds, this quean bitch just orders these guys to play with each other when they can't performs steps in and offers them a little extra hand in the way only babs can do!

Her cuckboy husband is the first one that guys a fucking out and the submale slave that invites Babs to see him thinks he's going to have the pleasure of babs fucking him with perhaps one of her many toys or as I've seen in many of her videos where she's fisted a submale, but not this time

You really have to feel for this guy as he's standing their fully exposed with a leather waste coat on and after Babs inspects the room she sits down and orders him to light a cigarette for her whilst the cuckboy watches then whilst sat makes him lick her shoes clean then makes him move over onto the bed to wait

Thinking thats its babs thats going to give him the attention cuckboy moves over and at first with a cock that wouldn't be able to fuck a slack cunt lets alone an ass they start playing whiles babs orders them what to do.

She orders the guys to put a show on as she wants to watch her husband suck his cock then lube his arse up before bitch fucking him all whilst babs sits back enjoying the show, although quite how her husband is able to lick this guys arse like it was a pussy for me is a little too far, fuck it, yeah thats more than something I could do but the way her husband is ordered to pull his arse cheeks far apart making his ass hole gape open wide then force his tong inside is just one step too far

So if its amateur submale cuckold porn you want then I suggest you look no further than the range of movies offered by Babs Videos Productions

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