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Male cum eating world Record

OK the idea of cum eating between cuckolds is nothing new but going for a World's Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold contest between two cum hungry husbands has to be a record you never thought you'd see on any streaming cuckold videos! least lets put it this way I never thought I'd see it

But studio Kick Ass Pictures have never been a studio to hold back with the whole sub male or humiliating and degrading husbands have yet again produced a video that would leave many husbands running for the bucket, whilst others would be gagging to forced into drinking back so much cum from used cunts

So the question is "Who's The Cuckold King?" or should that really be creampie eating cuckoldry king! and in one side of the room we have sub male Les Moore that starts with 5 cum loads in one sitting then we have Danny Veto that swallows 10 snowballed loads from his wife's mouth (normally something you see between two wives)

Reviewed World's Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold

  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Released: 05/2008
  • Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
  • Director: Glenn Baren
  • Stars: Adrianna Nicole, Samantha Sin, Jon Jon, Steve Driver, Les Moore, Derek Skeeter
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download & Burn to Disk

Ok which of these two cuckolds will buckle first ! after its fare enough to take one cum load from your wife's lover during a forced cuck clean up but these husbands aren't taking one, two or even three we are talking about LOADS of cum here either eaten directly from their wives cunts or in some cases a snowball trade off between husband and wife

So as a cuckold what would you find more degrading eating cum from your wife's used cunt or from a face thats sucked more cocks in one sitting than and women should take, many would class both as humiliating and degrading myself personally I'd be asking for the towel and start licking cum from then

This video is over two action parked scenes and there's no fluff in this movie its action right from the start as these husband line up to see just who is King of Cuckolds.

The first scene is with Samantha shines as she takes on her first black creampie ( and as the black bulls will always say, once a women's had black there's no turning back) it all starts when she walks into a circle of erections with her cuckold next to her and sucks them all their cocks are drained but her weak cuckold doesn't get left out as he gets the snowball trade as she spits the cum into his open mouth.

Then these massive black guys start pounding her pussy one after another fucking her in every position you can think off and some you'd never dreamed possible but when you have a 10"black cock its not that hard but weak cuckolded man Les sits meekly by taking mouthful after mouthful of cum from her used and now stretched open fanny

This first scene for me is the best and least with pay per view you can just stream this one if you want and from a male that loves to be humiliate by his Cuckquean her almost "potty" mouth is truly wonderful with insults and forcing this man to take more cum than he's every expected to take

This is a GREAT video and fans will love it, whilst other cuckolds will wonder in amazement at just how the fuck these husbands could every swallow so much cum

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