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These scenes are from the third scene with Lyla Storm sucking some black guys cock, although the end cum shot goes all over your face!

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Reviewed new pov streaming
get real close up with POV

I was wondering when pov would come into the cuckold genre and studio Kick Ass was the one to first attack this with their new video "Cuckold POV" and being the first one in this collection if this is anything go by people will be gagging for the next release as this is PURE quality

For those that are unsure about the term pov it stands for "Point of View" and is quite a unique style of porn videoing as the cast, girls and in this case bulls will talk directly to the camera giving YOU the illusion that your the husband. This works well in so many ways as it does make you believe you are more involved when watching the video and in the case cuckold pov you are the husband and the wife and her bull are talking directly at YOU

Some will say pov streaming doesn't work but to those I say check this video out as for me I really got the impression that the wife was directly talking to me and lets be honest when you have Kick Ass porn stars like Evie Delatosso, Christina Skye & Lyla Storm talking to you your soon going to cum!

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Reviewed Cuckolds P.O.V

  • Running Time: 93 minutes
  • Released: 01/2010
  • Studio: Kick Ass
  • Series: n/a
  • Categories: POV, Cuckoldry
  • Stars: Evie Delatosso, Christina Skye, Lyla Storm
  • Viewing Options: Pay per view, streamed, downloaded

Keeping to Kick Ass format this streaming cuckoldry video is over 3 sex filled scenes of pure cuckold dominance and the opening babe Evie Delatsso is one hell of a latina hottie! and if like me you'll struggle to get past the first scene

It starts with Evie Delatsso telling her husband (again being played to directly to the camera so YOU) that she wants a roof light putting in with the hubby agrees until he see the building and the way his wife looks at him.

After looking around the job the builder asks to chat with the little hubby and tells him man to man he would love to do the job but more so really wants to fuck his wife! which needless to say the husband says no until the wife over hears them and walking back into room asks him why not! ?

After some chat the wife soon starts to strip the guy whilst your just sat their looking over and keep with the cuckold point of view and action is still 100% being directed towards you, so much so that the guy walks over and pushes his cock straight towards you and orders YOU to suck his cock !

After your first little cock sucking the close action continues with you being involve with every bit of the action and the wife and bull talking directly to you . The action in this video is ULTRA close up to keep the feeling that your really their and having streamed loads of cuckold titles in the past this cuckold pov video works well in so many ways its going to be a massive success and you can put money on it more will be released later this year!

If you've never experienced being a cuckold then this offer you a chance to see what life is like on the other side as the submissive hubby and you can be sure after the first scene you'll love the others as you watch theses wives fucking from the viewpoint of a pov husband

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