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Thinking about trying the ukcuckoldry swingers scene and not sure where to start or even if your 100% sure you want to try! Well in thats case where better to start finding out about something new than reading cuckold stories as these are submitted by cuckold couples that already with the scene

Reading cuckold stories is about one of the best ways to gain an insight into something new and if your considering inviting a a single male or if your a male wanting to meet with couple by reading our members stories will let you know at least what you can expect, after all its not something you can go to the local book shop and find a cuckoldry book

Reading cuckold stories really does offer an insight few outsiders can every expect to see and whilst streaming cuckold porn is one way to get an idea we all know these videos will have porn stars and whilst they do offer some idea what happens you really can't beat reading members stories and as an adult only website you won't have to worry about trying to read between the lines as EVERYTHING is laid out

The cuckold stories written & submitted to us offer both entertaining and informative reading and really do give an honest perspective of how the scene is and can affect your sex live and the glimpse it offers to bulls and hotwives stories should give you a better understanding bout cuckolding sex.

Real Members photos, loads more inside the members section

The cuckold articles we have submitted really fall into two categories those that are purely erotic fiction and those that are real life encounters from couples that have either meet up with other via a swingers contacts site or a club.

You a readers / voyeurs viewpoint I don't have a preference to either only that the fictional ones will normally have the wife getting fucked by some 12" black bull to the more realistic that will give a dairy like true account of a husband and wives sexual encounters and either provide you with a great source of erotic reading material

Our cuckold couples offer informative on the lifestyle and if you are unsure or new or indeed don't know anything about cuckold sex then hear you'll have the ideal place to learn reading our wide collection of sex stories from cuckold couples, bulls and hotwives covers all the aspects of this lifestyle.

As a member you'll have free access to the forums & blogs so will be able to read these stories and as most of the stories will allow member feedback we encourage members to post comments about the stories submitted, how every should you prefer no feedback then this option can be closed

Just to give you some idea here's a few photos that I've pulled from the members section by searching our for cuckold contacts / black bulls and trust me we don't have a shortage of both single males and couples

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These are just some recent stories and inside the members sections we have loads more and as these stories can be read as a non member you could join up for free and start enjoying stories submitted by members & fans of cuckoldry

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