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Cuckold Fantasies 2

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Wives that force transvestite husbands

Theirs few women that could convince their husbands to be transformed into a cuckold transvestite but porn star Harmony Rose has no problems as demonstrated within one of the best crossdress cuckoldry videos I've enjoyed watching for years!

Just a bit about Harmony Rose, after all if this hotwife is going to force you into crossdressing you mite as well know something about her and most will know of her after her now legendary appearance on Howard Stern Show when she went down on Sandra Romain whilst the radio show was on, now theirs a way to get attention

With Harmony being the main cuckquean within this video the theme of submales is carried well and she does control her male actors / husbands well by dressing them in women's clothing and whilst the bulls don't really get involved the husbands have to obey her every command as she forces them to wear different outfits

Reviewed Cuckold Fantasies 2

  • Running Time: 69 minutes
  • Released: 02/2009
  • Studio: Roman Videos
  • Series:Cuckold Fantasies
  • Categories: Femdom, Cuckold Transvestites, Submales
  • Stars:Harmony Rose
  • Viewing Options: Pay per view, streamed, downloaded

Its starts with Harmony Rose on the bed with her husband and talking about naughty fantasies she's been having and one of those is the fuck other guys whilst her watches, which at first the husband is cool about.

He gets more interested when she tells him that she not only wants him to watch but wants to dress him as a women and turn him into her very own cuckold crossdresser and at first the idea of being classed as tranny clearly doesn't appeal with Harmony sucking his cock and teasing him he soon agrees, but their again when you have a horny wife sucking your cock most of us would agree to anything especially if that wife was Harmony Rose

Its pretty clear this husband didn't clearly realise what his transformation would involve as once he agree she puts stockings, pink frilly knickers, bra and even make up and a wig and does a pretty good job of turning a straight male into a crossdress cuckold but thats only the start of his humiliation as she then puts him over her knees and spanks his arse till red and blistered with hand marks

To stop him from playing with himself she uses a metal cock chastity devise on him and after sorting her own make up and getting dressed forces him to sit in the corner and do what every good little crossdressed husband should do thats watch his wife getting fucked by guys with massive cocks !

The crossdressing within this video isn't some of the best I've seen as it really consists of the husbands being made to wear women's knickers, stockings & bras although some effort is made to feminise them with make up, but what is lacking in crossdressing it made up with some great action from Harmony Rose

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