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If your looking for the best way to access porn then using cuckold VOD not only offers you access to thousands of porn movies but is a fraction of the price of buying a DVD, after all how many times do you really watch a video !!!

By renting porn movies you can decide how long you want to rent the video for either 24 hours or a month and you can watch the cuckold vod porn movie as often as you want, but rather than spending £20 plus pounds on a DVD you'll be spending £2 !!!

More people these days are moving over to VOD ( video on demand ) as a cheaper and faster way to view porn movies and with the added advantage of total anonymous viewing meaning what every videos you watch by streaming no one else will every need to know, especially if you have a wife thats starting to show interest in cuckoldry

with a vast selection to choose from you'll be amazed at just how many streaming videos we have for instant access from all the top cuckold production companies from around the world that all offer that insight into a sexual genre thats really still a bit of a kept secrete, after all your not going to tell your mate you like watching guys fuck your wife, or you lick cum from your wife's fanny after some guys fucked her!

So not only do you have access to thousands of cuckold porn videos you'll also be able to choose how you view them and how long you want to rent them for

Features of using Adult VOD

once you start using video on demand to view cuckold porn you will never buy another porn DVD again and like many others you'll be accessing a library of cuckold streaming titles thats hundreds strong

  • Streaming -
    - offers instant access to videos as films require no downloading so this means you can be viewing videos within a few seconds
    - vast selection of titles to choose from
    - no software or hardware required as it runs on Windows Media play that will already be installed on your PC or should you prefer Real Player
    - view as many films as you want
    - payment can only be made via visa or mastercard
    - full size screen resolution
    - support 247 using live talk
    - all the added extras the cuckold DVD has
    - videos from £2
  • Download -
    - download DVD quality videos
    - view offline as no connection is required after download
    - download the video onto all PC's you own
    - time zone from 7 days to one month
    - should you delete the video you can re download the film
  • PPV ( pay per view ) - more cuckold ppv
    - buy time in chunks from £2-£50
    - view movies in scenes rather than watching the whole film
    - instant access
    - only pay for what YOU watch, so 10 minutes of a video could cost from 40p
    - most films split into 5 scene at least some up to 15!! meaning you can jump straight into the scene you want to stream

These are just some of the main features of using cuckold Streaming VOD and for a fill list of services and features along with technical details just click on the link below for more details

Considering HOW cheap using cuckold vod is why not just try it out and download a movie for £2 then you can make your own views up on this great service that within the next few years will be the only way to get good porn movies

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