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Humiliated Husbands Streaming

Ready for the ultimate in cuckold cum eating humiliation, after all its fare enough to force your hubby to watch you take a fucking from a black male / strange but then the force him into creampie clean up duties for many males would be more than enough to push them over the edge and streaming porn studio Kick Ass are continuing its domination within the cum eating husbands genre and here we look at their "Cum Eating Cuckolds" videos

One thing you can never accuse this streaming studio of is putting up bland DVDs with thin story lines as the involvement into the plot really pulls you in as these wives had one thing in mind thats making their husband lick cum from well fucked cunts normally after some black guy has just been fucking her silly

If your new to this genre or indeed new to the cuckoldry scene then unless you want your own wife to force you into sucking some guys cock or performing clean up duties then close this page quickly as once these wives get used to feeling your cock licking their cum filled cunts out you'll never be able to fuck her again without being forced down between her legs and perform cuckold clean up and in some cases if their no bull around you'll be eating your own cum

Detailed video information - Video on demand only

  • Cum Eating Cuckolds 7
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Released: 02/2009
  • Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
  • Categories: cum eating, forced cock sucking , humiliated husband , interracial cuckold
  • Stars: Jaelyn Fox, Tyler Knight , Naomi Cruz
  • Viewing Options: Pay Per View , Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

This video is split over 3 scenes of black guys fucking white wives, but with the twist that the poor cucks end up doing clean up and licking spunk from their wives cunts and far as cum eating cuckolding movies they have delivered the goods on this great interracial fuck feast of a movie.

Even if your not into licking cum from your hotwives cunts this video does deliver in so many ways and offers something for all fans of hardcore streaming porn

The wives in these videos are looking for big black males to fuck them silly and even if you’re not into cum eating aspect of this video there’s still loads of great interracial fucking to satisfy anyone that enjoys seeing black males fucking white wives in Cum Eating Cuckolds 7.

In the first scene wife Scarlett Pain (Jaelyn Fox) isn’t married but shes about to enjoy the pleasures of being fucked by a black male. She’s a student but her professor gives her a lifeline on the understand her can fuck her and since her boyfriend isn't around she agree to have sex with him and happily strips off and slips down onto his cock

With no one around she soon starts sucking his cock but its not long before she's wanting his massive black cock inside her and whilst fucking her the boyfriend returns only to have his girlfriend humiliating him by carrying on fucking the black guy and making reference to his massive cock but his tiny dick with the guy joining in and further caring on with the ridicule.

There’s really nothing he can do other than watching this black guy fucking his girlfriends and them laughing at him and generally taking the piss from him and you would have thought that humiliation would have been bad enough until the black guy cum inside her then is told to come over and like the creampie directly from her cunt

and thats just the first scene and the other 2 are just as making this cum eating husbands streaming porn a must viewing and once you've watched this dvd you can be sure you will want to check out the others within this series

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