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Its does seem sometimes that cuckold studios are always trying to find ways to out shock people and Venus Girls Production certainly have achieved that with their latest offering with mistress Mz. Berlin

If your new to Mz. Berlin which I have to say at first I was you'll first notice just how this women loves to punish her men by getting then to sexual acts that no man in his right mind would consider, like drinking back loads of cum ( when I say loads think of Gokkum porn, then multiply it)

Her submales get used, abuse and used for what ever she likes and in this video you'll see more CBT than I've seen in BDSM titles let alone a cuckoldry video. But what this video does offer is an insight into pure submale porn that is sublime with a mistress that has GOT to be watched to be appreciated

Reviewed Bitch Wives that Force Hubbies Bi

  • Running Time: 69 minutes
  • Studio: Venus Girls Productions
  • Genre: Submales, submales, cbt, forced cum drinking,
  • Director: n/a
  • Stars: Mz. Berlin
  • Viewing Options: Pay per view, streamed, downloaded

Ok lets be honest if Mz. Berlin told you to get down on all fours and bark like a dog you'd be asking her to put a lead on you as well as this women is about the hottest mistress going that loves to abuse her submales

This bitch wife plays the role perfectly as the wife determined to train her husband and become totally submissive as she abuses him really in just about any way she wants to.

The opening scene does seem quite tame in so much that the husband is made to suck a guy off and cum in his mouth whilst Mz. Berlin watches on, but trust me it doesn't end there and gets more bizarre and extreme as the video goes along

The scene that does make you think is the third when Mz. Berlin walks on set and her husband is on the floor with a milking machine attached to his cock and first making sure he's not wanked off for while she feels his balls then turns the machine on and starts the process of draining cum from him with the aid of the milking machine

Now that in its own right you would think pretty bizzare but it doesn't end there as whilst the husband is wanking off she's pushing her high heels directly into his balls and then lights a cigarette and uses him as a human ash tray by flicking ash down his throat

To finish this scene after the guy has cum and human milking machine has drained his cum he's then forced to drain back not one load but loads of guys cum that have previously cum into the bottle alone with his and you can see him struggling as load after gets swallowed

For a cuckold video its about as hardcore as they come but you wouldn't expect anymore from the a mistress like Mz. Berlin and the other scenes included more cock ball punishment, face sitting and smothering and a scene that has me completely lost where, well just watch it as it shocked me

This is a must see video for fans of extremes where femdom's use and abuse there males for there own pleasure and really don't give a fuck about the submale thats taking all the abuse, pure class from one of the best mistresses Mz. Berlin ............

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