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Harmony Rose Bitch wife
eat my ass weak face sit husbands

These Mistress have only one interest thats grinding ass into weak males faces and no other streaming facesitting studio other than Roman video have such a massive range of videos with wives that demand ass worshiping husbands / males and nude face sitting, pure heaven from Roman videos

Its a fact these women live for the power rush they have by making men kiss, lick & worship their ass so much so that many will grind down face smothering males and demanding they lick and riming and clean and if they think its about licking a cunt out they have a shock waiting for them.

These women want one thing alone thats total control over what hole they lick which you'll soon see on this video as they follow one theme of humiliating males and grinding down onto their faces and detailed below is a recent streamed video featuring these wives slave worship her ass, kissing it, licking it, riming her asshole and sucking her pussy

Reviewed Single White Face sitter

  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Released: 02/2007
  • Studio: Roman Video
  • Series:
  • Categories: Femdom, Submale cuckold, face sitting, Smothering
  • Stars:Harmony Rose & Monica Sweetheart
  • Viewing Options: PPV, streaming cuckold, downloaded

Over two scenes the first features Mistress Monica Sweetheart as she humiliates her husband and putting a dog lead on him drags him around the bedroom whilst he worships her ass and she's orders him to tong fuck her ass, which for many will be happy with this alone but as I'm a complete Harmony Rose fan I jump straight into this scene

Part two, yes bring on Mistress Harmony Rose. Walking up to the wardrobe she bangs on the door telling her husband she's horny today and needs his tong for some butt fucking.

Opening the door leads him out on a dog lead making sure his nose if buried deep into her arse cheeks as she walks around the bedroom dragging him behind her, all the time shouting to get his tong buried deep into her ass!

His punishment doesn't end as she beats him with the riding crop she's got and slaps his face and whacks him repeatedly then pulling him over to the bed orders him to lay down and then sits down onto his face completely smothering his face with her sex white ass

She smothers him completely both forward and reverse, riding his tongue hard and shouting orders to get his tong pushed deep into her and the ass-licking and ass worship is pure heaven especially just listening to the way she orders him constantly making reference to his small cock and beating him with the whip

The action least in the second scene is a must viewing although Mistress Harmony is the best bitch wife offering a blissful insight into the lives of wives where face sitting & smothering is the only thing these wives are interested in.

Stream, download or use pay per view but above all watch this video NOW, trust me you'll love it just make sure your own bitch wife doesn't watch this not unless you want to be turned into some arse licking cuckold husband

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