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Kick Ass Pictures have taken straight husbands and forced them into cock sucking husbands and this collection of streaming videos brings into question, if your wife makes you suck another guys cock that doesn't make you gay, your just trying to please your cuckquean right? or is it just the husbands that can no longer bring an erection to the bedroom need to be humiliated into sucking another guys cock ??

If so Kick Ass Pictures have taken that theme and started what is a small collection of three movies right now and I'm sure will have many more to follow where the theme of making weak hubbies get down on their knees and take a cock in their month is something that the wife wants and expects

These wives get a real perverse thrill from watching their husbands sucking cock and from reading profile from UK cuckolds its a past time that really does go on and not just the imagination of some porn studio that thinks to its self that its got some new porn genre to make money, cock sucking cuckolds happens and here we have the review on their latest streaming

Detailed information - VOD only

  • Forced Bi Cuckolds 2
  • Running Time: 81 minutes
  • Released: 02/2009
  • Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
  • Categories: Humiliated husbands, forced cuckold, cock sucking
  • Stars: Les Moore, Nikki Anne, Nicole Ray, Eden Adams, Jimmy Broadway, Jean Val Jean
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

you may like watching your wife getting fucked by another guy, but what if she turns to you and tells you before she carries on your to suck his cock!, the question do you give her the finger or in the case of these weak husbands move over and suck the guys or suppose we should refer to him as Bulls cocks

The idea that Kick Ass Pictures is running with is either you suck his dick or loose out with enjoying the show and as the all around popularity of cuckoldry grows in both the contacts & streaming porn community know the very idea mite sound tempting and here on this video they have exploited that with some pretty fun on vicious inspiration and sexual scenarios that further depicted new Forced Bisexual Cuckolds

This brand new videos release offers more Cuckqueen domineering and looking towards that ultimate in humiliation that they invested in the first movie that turned out to be such a massive success and knowing this have returned for the second and indeed recently the third installment, and this video is split over three PPV ( pay per view ) scenes.

The first scene features Enrique Currero and is a willing cuckold but also the instigator of his wife fucking other males and she walks in to find her husband wanking off to a cuckold dvd in the bedroom and whilst pissed of at fist he soon admit that he wants his wife to make a cuckold of him and after find a whiling male its when they return and as pre arranged the husband is hiding in the wardrobe watching them fuck but its only when he makes a nose that the bull asks what in fuck's name is going on, so the husband so to speak comes out.

The wife tells the guy “He’s a cuckold,” and you could see from the reaction on the bulls face that he knew exactly what cuckoldry was and looking towards the husbands tells him to "come over here and suck my massive cock" right in before your wife after all you know she wants to see you sucking other guys off as well don't you

Moving over Enrique lowers his head and starts sucking this guys cock whilst the wife watches in amazement at how good a dick sucking husband se has and that from now on when she meets males that better be prepared for her husband to deep throat him as well, from then on the action gets even better with three way fuck and times where the Enrique is further humiliated by his wife

Running at over 81 minutes each scene within this video getting more intense and for anyone considering the forced Bisexual cuckold contacts this is a must see video

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