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Reviewed The Cuckold Bitch
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You know what ever comes out of the porn studios from German producers its always going to air on the darker side of pure fetish cuckoldry and thats certainly the case when you involve German bitch wife and femdom Sidney Dark

German Fetish studio Bizarre Experience is not a studio that you will automatically think of when it comes to European cuckoldry and as far as I know this is the only cuck title within their collection of streaming fetish videos

The real question is, Is this a true cuckold video? well I think so as the theme is defiantly set around a women that loves to humiliate her husband although the opening scenes are about him servicing Sidney Dark alone which did leave me thinking "WTF" but it soon develops

One thing to consider with this european cuckoldry video is it is all in German with no subtitles or language choices, but when watching porn does it really matter, after all as submissive husbands we know what our wives want without them having to say a women and Sidney Dark is 100% controlling bitch wife !!

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Reviewed Sidney Dark The Cuckold Bitch

  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Released: 01/2010
  • Studio: Bizarre Experience
  • Series: n/a
  • Categories: humiliate, German Fetish, Cuckoldry
  • Stars: Sidney Dark
  • Viewing Options: Pay per view, streamed, downloaded

I have to say when reviewed this video I did think what in fucks name is " Sidney Dark" after all its pretty clear this German fetish porn star has done the rounds a few times as she's no spring chicken, but does that stop it from being a good cuckold video? NO

The reason why its so good is Sidney Dark has one of those types of persuasions that makes you want to obey EVERYTHING she orders you to no matter what she orders, if she said put your cock onto into a whole not knowing what was on the other side you'd do it without even batting an eye!

She's got a look that I would class as pure fetish with black pvc, black hair and a look that wouldn't be out of place on ANY hardcore BDSM video let alone a cuckold title.

The theme of this video is PURE humiliation but this is no pussy video and would you really expect anything else from a German mistress and what she puts her slave husband through many males would run a mile, but with the right slave its blissful

His ordeal starts quite mild compared to other German extreme bdsm videos I've watch but it soon goes into a dark area of porn with him being made to clean her feet with his tong, then onto her shaven cunt before tong fucking her arse, knowing always this is getting her ready for her true lover thats going to turn up and please her in more ways than her weal cuckold can!

This video once you get over the look of Sidney Dark is a walk into the darker side of cuckoldry in a way that only a German Streaming porn studio could produce and for fans of BDSM & cuckoldry will love this video

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