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Lakeview Entertainment take the cuckold theme and run with the extremes within this genre as its defiantly NOT about males just sitting back and enjoying the show as Lakeview offer some of the most extreme levels of humiliation, domination and BDSM cuckold porn I've every had the pleasure of watching

Lakeview studio was incorporated in 2004 and turn its attentions to the cuckoldry / bdsm porn at an early stage although the strong running theme is more on the amateur side although only in the fact it looks like your watching someone home made attempts but this does not detract from the pure quality of cuckold submale porn

Its devotion to producing some of the best fetish content has made them a recognised studio within the submale genre & the form of female domination with exclusive use of porn stars and what can only be classed as beautiful women dominating submales thru power exchanges like foot worship, smothering, face sitting, cum drinking milking, cuckolding plus many more although here we are looking at cuckold creampie

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  • Cuckold Creampie 7
  • Director: Steven Lake
  • Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
  • Categories: Face Sitting, Extreme BDSM, Humiliation cuckold
  • Viewing Options: PPV , Streaming, Download

The latest from the fetish studio once again comes through with a movie that will satisfy your wildest perversions with "Cuckold Creampie 7" takes you into a world of suffering for husbands and 83 minutes of blissful submale streaming porn from Lakeview thats split over 4 scenes with with Mistress Kiss, Mistress Cindy Taylor and Master Chris

Even from the DVD cover you know whats on the cards as they take males and turn them into sissy creampie eating males that are totally under their control and THEIR control is the key here as most of the scenes have two dominating females that use and abuse as they feel fit

Even in the opening scene the husband is used as a bench as these girls sit on to of him smothering his face with their cunts and making him lick their cunts.

Its not until one of the girls use a strap on on him that he get to taste his own juices as these girls take turn to fuck his tight ass with a massive strap on before making him lick the strap on clean before they ride him till he can't handle anymore and cums inside them

The second scene the sissy husband is forced into wearing stockings & suspenders as the two women humiliate him with both verbal and physical punishment pushing the boundaries of submale BDSM way past what you would normally expect to see and then after fucking one and cumming inside her they make him provide oral service and force him to swallow back his own cum.

Scenes 3 & 4 offer further submales taking out what every punishments these cuckquean's offer out with cum eating, strap on fucking ( but its the males that get fucked by the dildos, and normally afterwards have to perform clean up duties by licking the strap on clean ) and its further proof that LakeView Entertainment is one of the leaders within fetish streaming porn

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