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Spanked Wives And Cuckolds: Sandy Simmers

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Free spanking scenes from this video showing husband watch his wife take a good firm spanking

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" Spanking my wife, but don't fuck her"

The very idea of taking your wife along to some guy then have him spank her right before your eyes is something many cuckold husbands would love to experience and studio Dreams to Reality & director Michael Kahn have turned this intro reality as we joy this new spanking cuckold DVD

As a cuckold I'd love to see my hotwife spanked and whilst studio Dreams to Reality videos normal tend to revolve around the extreme side of fetish porn with enema, caning & male domination this spanked cuckold title is there first and I'm sure not the last

Whilst the running time is short, EXTREMLY short running at 36 minutes what you do get is an almost gonzo cuckold video with a mature dominant male that clearly fully understands the meaning of cuckoldry and even more spanking wives bums!

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Reviewed Spanked Wives And Cuckolds: Sandy Simmers

  • Running Time: 36 minutes
  • Released: 01/2010
  • Studio: Dreams to Reality
  • Categories: Dominant males, spanking , Cuckoldry
  • Stars: Sandy Simmers
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Downloaded

Studio "Dreams to Reality" is a completely new to me and when I heard that a cuckold spanking video was coming out I was hoping it wasn't going to be produce by one of the more "mainstream" cuckold studios, after all spanking really is an art form and you need a master to perform it

There's no doubt in my mind that the master here is more than experienced at spanking wives looking the way he gets to grips with Sandy Simmers pert little ass and its not long before walking into his dungeon that she made to bend of his knees and feel his hand smacking her arse!

The husband has no choice but to sit back and watch, but there again he was the one that wanted to punish his wife although he thought it was just a spanking she was going to get. After the first round of spanking her arse is RED with hand prints but its when she's made to stand up the wife turns the tables on the husband and to thank her master she offers to give him a blow job!

The husband clearly isn't impressed when the wife turns the tables and what started out with the hubby just wanting to see his wife spanked ends with with him being made to watch her first suck the guys cock then strips off and fuck's the guys and at one stage the hubby is forced to wear a blindfold so he doesn't know what his wife is doing

I wasn't sure what to expect from Dreams to Reality fetish studio having never streamed any of there fetish videos as to be honest Enema Streaming porn really isn't for me, but what they have done with this video is take a theme of cuckoldry and produce a different twist by spanking wives!

If your looking for something different than the normal almost "mainstream" cuckold porn than try this and enjoy seeing this guys wife taking a firm & harsh spanking and hopefully they will offer up another video ...........thats maybe a little longer!

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