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Squirting Wives! you know many don't believe women squirt or gush when they cum and to those I say check out this streaming gushing video and you'll soon see that women really do squirt and this hotwife gushes crazy when she cums!

I've been lucky to have sex with these talented women and their idea of lying under a women when she soaks you in cum juices is more than enough to make a guy cum without even touching his dick, although this cuckold has a chastity diverse on so has no option

It does seem how ever that these doubting people claim that women that gush or squirt are just pissing and these videos are nothing but some golden shower collection re packaged into squirting videos, well they are not and if you read the review and watch this cuckold video you'll soon agree

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Review - Cuckold Fantasies 14

  • Running Time: 69 minutes
  • Released: 09/2009
  • Studio: Roman Video
  • Series: Cuckold Fantasies
  • Categories: Squirting, cuckoldry
  • Stars: Flower Tucci
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

OK lets me first say I'm a MASSIVE fan of Flower Tucci and its clear to see why Roman Video have taken her as one of their main porn stars to use within their cuckoldry collection, plus this girl gushes like fuck when she cums

I've seen her in many videos and a few squirter type porno movies but never where she's been the leading role and that role has revolved around her treating her male stars as such fuck dummies! or at least the husband that she stars along with in this video

The theme is like most of Romans Videos where wives to abuse and use their small dick hubbies for what every sexual gratification they seem fit but as this hubby has a cock chastity devise on this guy won't even be able to cum, which is something that Flower Tucci has no problem in doing but when she cums she really BLOWS !!! we are talking loads of hot yummy cum juices everywhere as Flower is a 100% gusher

The scenes like most revolve around the wife abusing the little cock cuckolds and Flowers does a great job of forced face sitting and rubbing her arse deep into this hubbies face and really stopping any chance of enjoyment he could ever hope to have with her

But its when Flower cums that everything gets a lot more interesting if not definitely wetter a lot fucking wetter as she soaks not only her bull but forcing the husband to lick her soaking wet cunt soaks the hubby as she squirts as well

The action and quality within this squirting streaming video is excellent and you can be she if your new to seeing women squirt then like many you'll be converted over and enjoying some of the other great gushing videos I've listed here, but trust me these are just a few and we have loads more featuring Flower Tucci!

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