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Few studios take the role of submissive husbands like "Venus Girls Productions" and theirs only one thing in mind thats turning what you would class as strong hubbies into cum eating males that will obey their hotwives right down the last word, which is normally Eat this cum

Venus Girls has the theme of submissive males and whilst they are still a new studio within the cuckoldry sexual genre the videos they have realised so far offer nothing but pure quality that many more established studios could learn a lot from , not only putting up totally believable storylines but using some of the best in cuckqueans

Whilst still be a new studio they do have some great other collections and probably best known for their cum lapping "Bossy Boss" collection and this new video " Little Hubby Cocksucker" I'm sure will be the starting block to a new collection featuring submissive husbands doing as they are told

Other great collections from Venus Girls Productions - Bossy Boss, Carnal Limbo, Last Call & Mrs Bitch and you can be pretty sure Little Hubby Cock sucker will soon be another great collection and a massive hit with cuckoldry porn fans

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Review - Little Hubby Cocksucker VOD

  • Running Time: 44 minutes
  • Released: 10/2009
  • Studio: Venus Girls Productions
  • Categories: Sub males, cock sucking Husbands, cuckoldry
  • Stars: Mz Berlin
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

One thing you will notice about this video is the short running time and to be honest if I was going to download a cuckold video its probably not one I would go for due to its running time as theirs others that are much longer for the same cost, but

What you do get from this movie is pure quality of the kind that only a fetish submale studio like Venus Girls Productions and their "Little Hubby Cocksucker" movie can offer and considering you can stream this movie with PPV ( pay per view) makes this a must viewing !

The movie is split over 4 scenes with the 2 being centred around sub husbands being forced into milking guys cocks into their mouths and the cuckquean has no problem in making these submales do exactly as they want and are their for one reason alone thats to please them

In the first scene with wife comes into the room with a cum filled pussy after just taking a good fucking and pushing weak hubby back pulls her knickers to one side and we get one of the best creampie shots I've seen for a while as the cum trickles from her shaven cunt, but its not long before fingers go inside her cunt and scooping out the cum pushes her cum filled fingers into her hubbies mouth!

She then moves over and squats onto his face as he licks cum and drinks loads of cum from her cunt and thats just the first scene, the other two shows this horny wife as she further continues to dominate and humiliate her husband by bringing another submale into the room and forces him to not only suck his cock but some pretty impressive toys come out and the fucking fun begins

These two weak males are forced into some pretty extreme acts involving everything from cock sucking, ass licking and so fucking between these submales that will leave you breathless praying your own bitch never streams this video - great porn Venus Girls Productions

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