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Wife trains husband
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Taming Of The Cuckold is the latest video from Kick Ass Pictures and as a cuckold male that had the enjoyment of my own Cuckquean training me in the ways a husband should act I can fully relate to this video and for the vast bulk of the DVD is a pretty good movie

The real question for me is how many wives would train their husband this way, after all if your husband just wants to watch his wife getting fucked by other males how would he feel about taking that fucking himself

Its a good streaming cuckold movie and more than worthwhile viewing but for me by far is the last scene as it features the husband being transformed into a sissy cuckold and from watch other Kick Ass videos this is a genre way they excel finding both horny females, submissive males and husbands that will take a fucking

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Detailed information - Taming Of The Cuckold VOD only

  • Running Time: 95 minutes
  • Released: 09/2009
  • Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
  • Categories: Training Husbands / cuckoldry
  • Stars: Kylie Reese, Dahlia Sin, Jayden Williams
  • Viewing Options: PPV, Streaming, Download, Download & burn to disk

These wives are feed up with boring sex life offered by their husbands and this video is split over 3 scenes each getting more intense with the weak little husband being forced into more acts that he's not happy to try, until the wife tells him its either tow the line and follow her orders or get out and with that in mind he soon starts to obey this strong wife

For me by far is the last scene of the three as it starts with the husband being order to strip then the wife walks back into the room with some sexy lingerie and its pretty clear looking at his wife there's no way she's going to be getting into these sexy outfits

First she starts by dressing him up and transforming him into a sissy with the understanding that this will excite his wife but its not long after being dressed that a male walks in thats also a fucking lot more hung with him and has one thing in mind thats fucking his wife, least thats what the sissy hubby thinks

Its not long after the other guy turns up that this husband realises he's going to have do some cock sucking to please his wife and at first thats all thats on the cards but the strap on comes out and what turns into the hubby watching his wife is an all out threesome with the hubby getting way more attention than he's every planned on

After taking a strap on fucking from his wife the roles are changed and he's made to suck the strap on clean and whilst doing this the other guy comes up behind him and with his ass still gapping open wide and taking a fucking from his wife the other guy slips his cock deep into him and starts to bitch fuck and ride him had and its not long before he's coming inside him

This video is pure class and would recommend it for any cuckquean that wants to train her weak hubby into whats expected and its not long before he's fully trained in the role of being a submissive husband

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