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Understanding what cuckold is meeting uk couples ..........

Thinking about cuckold sex? not really sure what it's all about? well in that case let me offer you some guide dance after all theirs a big difference between the different types of cuckold sex

The basic idea behind cuckold sex is where a husband will watch his wife being fucked by a male which can also be referred to as a bull, but like most things their are variations that can run from a single fuck to verbal humiliation, forced cock sucking & in some cases the male getting fucked

So the idea is that as an couple you will be looking for single males to fuck you whilst the husband watches and for males you'll be looking for couples where you'll be fucking the wife, all quite straight forward really, but

Some cuckold couples will be looking for dominant males and that can include you domination both husband and wife into doing what every you please and this couple involve a third male as well where you will order everyone around making the males suck each other, wives taking verbal abuse & husbands being humiliated by getting other males round that are better endowed so will further embrasse the husband by referring to his small cock

This can also lead into crossdressing cuckold where the husband will wear female clothing and be used as a second female and could be either fucked or used in the way the dominant male wants

On the other hand you may have a dominant female that is looking to meet with submissive bulls where rather than him taking control she will be the one ordering the males around and in most cases the bull is bisexual as this could involve her making the males suck each other or even fuck and whilst the husband maybe bisexual sometimes this isn't the case if the cuckquean wants to humiliate her husband by making him do something he doesn't want to, so forced cuckold comes into play

So understanding the type of cuckold swingers contact is important and from a males viewpoint if you've never done this before consider the fact that you may well be fucking someone's wife whilst the husband is watching.

Some Keywords used in cuckoldry

  • Bull ( single male )
  • Cuckold Husband ( the husband )
  • Cockold ( misspelling often used )
  • Hotwife ( the wife / female )
  • Forced Cuckold ( where the husband is forced in cuckold )
  • Cuckold Clean Up ( husbands will lick cum from the wife's fanny )
  • Cuckquean ( the female )
  • Cuckqueen ( as above misspelling )
  • wife watching ( where husband watch their wives )
  • BBW Cuckold (free contacts )


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